Repping with Leashes, Special Edition – The Kalu’ak: Part II

Editor’s note: Welcome to a special edition of “Repping with Leashes”! Normally this will be a once a month feature, but this month you get an extra article! Enjoy!

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So, why skip Dragonblight and go to the other end of the continent? Because there’s a series of quests that will net you a lot of reputation, and if you’re not 71, this is the only place you can go for more rep. Plus, you get to ride a giant gondola, and hope you don’t fall off to your doom. Fun stuff.

The Ancient Lift
This is the aforementioned giant gondola of doom. Located on the west side of the continent, directly opposite the island of Kamagua, it sits up on the cliff, where it’s manned by Orfus. The Alliance have a bread crumb quest to come find Orfus if they take the quest from Lunk-Tusk at Westguard Keep, but you can skip it.

Once you find Orphus, he sends you on The Dead Rise! which involves you picking up some things east of the Ancient Lift: a cannonball, snuff tin, eyepatch and tail feather. It turns out the Kalu’ak have a pirate problem. Orphus sends you to find Elder Atuik, down on Kamagua, to help handle the pirates.

Kamagua (and surrounding area)
Once you ride the great gondola of doom (or fly yourself) down to Kamagua and check in with Elder Atuik, you discover that at least one of the pirates has become a turncoat. Apparently going all Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest doesn’t appeal to him. He’ll get you in with the pirates.

Grezzix Spindlesnap can get you in with the pirates, but he doesn’t want to get involved. He has you hop a boat for Street “Cred” to go see “Silvermoon” Harry, a human with a serious interest in Blood Elves. Yes, it is as unsettling as it sounds.

Silvermoon Harry knows about the missing artifacts, and he’ll help you out if you do two things for him. First, go find Scoodles and kill him to get Harry’s Sindorei Scrying crystal back. Second, don’t bring the artifacts back.

Once you have the four quests for the artifacts, you can complete them in any order. The first three require you to get the item. The last one requires multiple steps. You’ll know you’re close when it says to return the shield to Orfus.

The Ancient Armor of the Kvaldir
The Frozen Heart of Isuldof
The Staff of Storm’s Fury
The Lost Shield of the Aesirites

Once all the pieces are collected, take them to Orfus at the top of The Great Lift. He will have you try to lay the artifacts back to rest. After doing that, return to Kamagua, and talk with Elder Atuik.

Elder Atuik has several quests for you to do while you’re here: (collect shoveltusk meat), (get some chimaera horns), and (kill slavers).

Also while here, you have access to the daily, The Way To His Heart… which you can do at any point.

Once you’ve finished your time with undead pirates, and unsated reef bulls, you can move on to Dragonblight. That is, provided you’re at least level 71 at this point. But really, why wouldn’t you be? If you’re not, I would advise getting there the usual way: doing quests and yelling at the mobs that manage to kill you.

Total possible reputation
Alliance: 7420 (7140 rep into honored) Horde: 7370 (9070 rep into honored)

Stay tuned for Part III, coming soon!

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