Cat Days

7871969_origHello everyone!

Monday, February 22, was ‘Cat Day’ in Japan. In doing some Googling, it seems that there’s also a few other ‘Cat Day’s coming up later this year:

  • International Cat Day (aka World Cat Day) – August 8, 2016
  • National Cat Day – October 29, 2016

So don’t be sad you missed Japan’s Cat Day! You’ve plenty of other occasions to celebrate our furry friends!


I most definitely do this….shh!

In other news...
Don’t forget that the Darkmoon Faire starts in World of Warcraft tomorrow! Go take on the Feasel brothers and see if you can get the Darkmoon Eye or Syd the Squid from them! This month’s Tamer Tuesday is featuring the brothers, so if you’re not sure how to beat them, stay tuned!


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