Postcards from Azeroth – The Exodar

The Exodar
A vision of crystallised beauty, if you look past the cracks and repairs still ongoing since the dimensional ship ploughed into the islands off the coast of Darkshore.

The very structure of the city seems to sing as one wanders through its vaulted halls. Despite the pink- and purple-hued grandeur of the place, it is almost a ghost town, a relic of a past age, its halls echoing forlornly. Young draenei adventurers visit only briefly, before setting off into the wider world beyond the small isles.


The city is divided into three areas:

the Crystal Hall,


the Vault of Lights,


and the Trader’s Tier.


All three meet at the Seat of the Naaru in the centre.


Exodar-OrosEmptiness aside, the Exodar is a fully equipped city, abounding in trainers, and hosting an inn, auction house and bank. A pet vendor, Sixx, has set up shop in the Crystal Hall, and offers three moths for 50 silver each (before reputation discount).

In the centre of the city, down a long spiralling ramp, one may find O’ros, the Naaru that keeps watch over the Exodar, and the Prophet Velen, wise ruler of his people, keeps tabs from his platform in the Vault of Lights.



From the city, one may travel east to Azure Watch, north to Blood Watch on Bloodmyst Isle, or take the boat to Rut’theran Village from Velar’s Berth, just south of the ‘back’ entrance to the city. In the Vault of Lights, two portals grant access to Hellfire Peninsula and the Temple of the Moon in Darnassus.


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