Throwback Thursday – May 19, 2016

Some years ago, when the Barrens was whole and Chuck Norris jokes reigned supreme in General Chat, there was once a small village by the name of Camp Taurajo. As the name implies, it was a tauren outpost, situated a short distance east of Mulgore. Adventurers leaving Mulgore’s rolling plains for the dry grasslands of the Barrens would encounter the Camp, where quests could be picked up, professions trained and general goods bought.

Camp_TaurajoLed by Jorn Skyseer, Taurajo was situated on the Gold Road, which ran between the Mor’shan Ramparts to the north and Thousand Needles in the south, and was often under attack by quilboar.

When Deathwing made his appearance, ruining whole areas of the world, the forces of the Alliance launched a surprise attack on the Camp, believing that the tauren were preparing to make an attack of their own. The Camp did its best to defend itself, but it was overrun. The leader of the Alliance forces,General Hawthorne, opted to leave a hole in his defensive lines to allow the civilian population to escape, but some were still killed, despite this.

Ruins_of_TaurajoThe leader of the Tauren, Baine Bloodhoof, accepted that the outpost was a military target, and thus moved to block the way into Mulgore with the construction of the Great Gate. Some survivors of the Camp’s razing fled south to Camp Una’fe (‘refuge’ in the tauren language), while others, harbouring vengeance in their hearts against the Alliance, struck out for Vendetta Point.

The site of the outpost is now in flaming ruins. Deserters of the Alliance forces can be found looting the buildings.


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