Postcards from Azeroth – Dalaran

Floating majestically above the Crystalsong Forest, the city of Dalaran is possibly Azeroth’s finest city. Its tall spires soar into the sky, affording spectacular views of Icecrown, the Storm Peaks and Dragonblight. One might find almost anything here, if you know where to look.

Like Shattrath City in Outland, Dalaran is a neutral ‘sanctuary’ city (in-game, at least), where Horde and Alliance adventurers may mingle without fear of being attacked, although they may well be wary of each other. Both factions have an area of the city exclusive to them — attempting to enter that of the opposite faction results in being teleported out.

Originally, the city was situated on the southeastern shores of Lordamere Lake, but the combined power of its inhabitants picked it up and transported it to Northrend, to be used as a base to combat Malygos’ crusade to rid the world of any magic users not under his sway. It now, for the time being, provides a convenient base in Northrend for adventurers to access various services, and is a central point for getting to nearly anywhere on the continent.

Dalaran has several sections

Runeweaver Square
Dal-RuneweaverSquareThe centre of the city.

Here one will find the Darkmoon Faire mages and WotLK timewalking vendors, during their respective events.

The Magus Commerce Exchange
Dal-TradeAreaThe place where the profession trainers, excluding Fishing and Cooking, hang out.

An auctioneer is also available in ‘Like Clockwork’, the engineering building.

The Silver Enclave
Dal-AllianceAreaThe Alliance area, housing an inn, portals to the various battlegrounds, reputation vendors and an auctioneer.
The Sunreaver's Sanctuary
Dal-HordeAreaThe Horde area. Same facilities as the Alliance.
Krasus' Landing
Dal-LandingThe flight master is here, as well as two quest givers.
View from Above
The Underbelly
Dal-CircleOfWillsThe seedier side of Dalaran. An inn, bank, PvP arena and the sewers are here. The sewers are of particular note, as one might be lucky enough to fish up a Giant Sewer Rat, thus earning I Smell A Giant Rat. Dal-CantripsCrowsCertain potions that are lying around or fished up may temporarily transform you into a wasp, a male Tuskarr (giving +50 to your fishing skill) or cause every player or NPC in the city (excepting Zidormi) to appear as a human mage wearing Netherwind Regalia.
The Legerdemain Lounge
Dal-LoungeA neutral inn.Dal-JonesIf one goes up the stairs, sleeping on the ledge halfway up is Jones. /Pet him!
The Violet Hold
Dal-VioletHoldThe Violet Hold – a mid-70s dungeon.


Mount Vendor
Mei FrancisPurveyor of exotic mounts, including the Traveler’s Tundra Mount. Offers discounts for those with Kirin Tor reputation.
Pet Vendor
BreanniPurveyor of pets and accessories, and caretaker of the Magical Menagerie. Offers discounts for those with Kirin Tor reputation.
All class and profession trainers are available. Certain trainers offer quests to gallavant around Northrend to fetch certain things for them in return for currency.
The Violet Citadel
Dal-VioletCitadelHeadquarters of the Kirin Tor.

Rhonin can often be heard yelling, “Citizens of Dalaran!” followed by a lengthy speech about the world being saved again. Up the stairs, to the left one will find a portal to the Caverns of Time.


Nethaera’s Light can often be seen, if one looks closely, floating around in various points. Targeting it and using /cheer a few times will gain it as a Nethaera’s Light.
Higher Learning – finding each one of the specified books hidden about Dalaran will reward you with The Schools of Arcane Magic – Mastery that allows teleportation to Archmage Vargoth’s Retreat, high up in a spire. You also receive Kirin Tor Familiar for your collection.

  • Argent Tournament Grounds
  • Crusaders’ Pinnacle (if unlocked)
  • The Argent Vanguard
  • Windrunner’s Overlook (A)/Sunreaver’s Command (H)
  • K3
  • Ebon Watch
  • Valgarde (A)/Vengeance Landing (H)
  • Wyrmrest Temple
  • Moa’ki Harbor
  • Fordragon Hold (A)/Kor’kron Vanguard (H)
  • Valiance Keep (A)/Warsong Hold (H)
  • Warsong Camp (H)
  • River’s Heart


  • Violet Stand (using the teleport crystal across the street from Krasus’ Landing)


  • Stormwind (A)/Orgrimmar (H)
  • Battlegrounds
  • Caverns of Time (in the Violet Citadel)


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