Changes to Tips for New Tamers

With the publishing of the previous issue of Tips for New Tamers, the segment has reached a point where a lot of the essential basics have already been covered. In order to best help our tamers, from our newest tamers up to and including our veterans, we are going to be changing our format.

Over the following months we will be taking any questions you might have about pet battling, and writing our articles from those. This could be based on a number of similar questions received about a subject, or it could be a series of quick answer questions about more easily covered subjects, depending on what questions have been received.

Please note that while this segment does focus on a wide range of subjects, from mechanics to team composition, any team questions will not be about what team to use for which trainer. As we already have a segment devoted to strategies for tamers, any such questions will be answered from a perspective of teaching you how to put a team together, rather than feeding you a ready-made strategy. If you do want to request a tamer strategy, you can do so here.

Any questions you have are able to be submitted to our request thread here. Alternatively, if you haven’t signed up to be part of our community, you can submit questions to¬†


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