Tips for New Tamers: Wild Pet Farming

Farming Tips

For our first question/suggestion we’ve been asked to cover tips for farming for wild pets. For the most part, it seems fairly simple: you go out into the great wild yonder, find a pet you need and catch it. Of course, what looks straightforward doesn’t always end up like that, so here are some useful things to remember when you do go out.

Always have your Terrible Turnip on your team:

The first, most critical thing to remember is to have a Terrible Turnip in your team. Keeping it in your first battle pet slot means that depending on what you find yourself fighting you can easily switch it out for a pet with a bit more killing power, but you don’t have to waste a turn switching it in if you find yourself to have clicked on the perfect pet to catch.

The whole point of having the Turnip is its ability Weakening Blow. This is a move that does not allow the opposing pet to go below one hit point, thus ensuring you never actually kill the pet you want even if you get an unexpected critical hit. If you don’t have one, get one. They’re usually quite cheap on the auction house, and can be adopted from the Azeroth Adoption Agency. This is the only pet with this ability, the next closest thing is the Molten Corgi with Superbark, which was the 10th-anniversary pet, and the move has a cooldown, unlike Weakening Blow. The Legion link for Superbark does show other pets with this move so it could potentially become a reasonable backup if your turnip dies.

(Almost) Always kill the critters around you:

If you’re looking for a specific rarity or breed, don’t just leave a battle and move onto the next one. Take the time to actually kill the pet so a new one can spawn. This can be done by killing the first pet and leaving, or leaving and killing the pet with one of your attacks.

This tactic ensures that any pets that aren’t right for you are being removed so that new ones can spawn in, thus increasing your chance of finding that one pet you really want. Also, note this tactic should only be used on pets with a decent spawn pool, and only if there are no good pets at all. Killing a Minfernal or Unborn Val’kyr because it’s not quite right just gives you a headache, and killing a good pet can mean that any other people wanting to catch pets in the area could potentially miss out on an upgrade.

Conditional Spawns:

There are a lot of pets that have certain conditions to when they spawn. Make sure you know what those conditions are, and how best to take advantage of them. Make sure to check out our guide on just what these pets are here.

Timed Spawns:

Make sure you know when exactly the time for the spawn is. It could be a particular time each day, a particular time each week, or for a period of time over a season. The Wowhead page for each of these pets will have plenty of people commenting to help with time conversion, or letting people know when the seasonal pets are up. Additionally, you can always watch the A3 twitter @A3Pets (account not required to watch) if you’re having trouble with the Wanderer’s Festival Hatchling as we do tweet out reminders.

Weather Spawns:

These guys are trickier, requiring a certain weather condition to happen for them to spawn. Most people park an unused mid-level or higher toon at the spawn point so they can quickly log in and check every so often.

This can take a while. However, the group finder has a custom (Pre-Made) group option, and while most people make groups for questing or trapping and other activities, just as many people make garrison groups and realm hopping groups. If you find these while you’re logged into the toon you’re using to camp the pet, you can see if the weather you need is happening on other realms. Always check what server the group lead belongs to, because that is probably the server you’ll end up on, and you don’t want to be in a group run by someone from your own server.

While you might not find the weather you need straight away, it does dramatically increase the chances that you’ll find your pet quickly.

Sometimes for weather pets, pet battlers will list a group in the custom group finder specifically to help you. If you do find a group like this, make sure you note the level of the character that started the group; for a successful transfer, you will need a lower level character than the creator of the group. I’ve had a few weather groups where level 100’s have joined a character I’ve been leveling, so rather than being pulled to my server, I’m pulled to theirs. This defeats the point of having a weather hopping group entirely, so do pay attention.

Limited spawn points:

There’s not a lot that can be done about this condition.

The Warlords limited spawn pets just need patience as they spawn quite quickly after one is caught, so you just need to know where to look and have persistence.

Minfernals have a habit of showing up right after server reset, so park a character and hop on as close to reset as possible. Combine this with realm hopping for best effect.

If you’re chasing an Unborn Val’kyr, do the Argent Tournament quests at the same time. A lot of the quests take you past or directly to a spawn point, so having something to do at the same time not only progresses you towards other pets, but makes the brick wall feel a little less hard when you hit it. This is not necessary, but twice now I’ve found an Unborn Val’kyr over by the undead dragon (Chillmaw) right at the end of the tournament grind.

Holding Pets:

Sometimes you get lucky: you’ve got a Minfernal or an Unborn Val’kyr but you find another one along the way. If you want to you can advertise either among your friends or even your server with the LookingForGroup chat (usually /4 in your chat box) and let people know about the pet. If you find someone looking for it, help them out. You can engage the pet until they arrive at your spot, then forfeit the match so they can grab the pet. Do note this only works as long as you don’t kill any of the pets you engage, and aren’t in the battle for more than 10 minutes. You can always forfeit and re-engage the pet when it respawns if the person is taking a while. This tactic is good for making sure you don’t promise someone a pet and it gets sniped from under your feet while you’re waiting on them. Only do this if you have a person responding.

This is a tactic we use for our Wild Pet Capture Service. (agency membership required)

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