Creature Feature: Qiraji Guardling

Creature Feature – Qiraji Guardling

Qiraji Guardling
Breed: H/B Health: 1543 Power: 273 Speed: 273
Slot 1: Crush Whirlwind
Slot 2: Hawkeye Sandstorm
Slot 3: Reckless Strike Blackout Kick

With the summer solstice and midsummer festivities been and gone, we turn our focus onto a pet that is the bane of many achievement collectors: the Qiraji Guardling. This pet is necessary for the Kalimdor Safari achievement, and only spawns from the summer solstice to the autumnal equinox, so roughly June 21st – September 22nd depending on when the dates fall for the calendar year.

Missing out on this window of opportunity means you have to wait the better part of a year before you can try again, making for a lot of frustration if you log on two days after they’ve stopped spawning only to find it’s a pet you need for the final taming achievement.

These precociously insectoid humanoids can be found hanging out by the gates to Ahn’Qiraj so make sure to stop by the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj raid as well if you have the ability and see what pets you can convince to drop from the bosses.

When I logged in to check what I had before writing this piece, I found, much to my displeasure, I had only an H/B breed variant. While health is not a bad thing, I personally would always choose Blackout Kick over Reckless Strike as I dislike moves that will potentially cause me greater harm in the long run. I ended up capturing two different breeds, a P/S and an S/S, as both variants give me extra speed to make best use of Blackout Kick, while the P/S variant gives me an extra bit of power so I can kill things a little quicker as well. The Guardling is available in all breeds so you do have the flexibility for matching breed to purpose

The Qiraji Guardling has a decent bit of versatility as it has an area-of-effect humanoid move (useful for those tamers with all dragonkin) as well as an interrupt, and Sandstorm to lower hit chance. One thing to be careful of is that all the abilities in the second space have long cooldowns, so choosing to use them all means there will be turns where you cannot make any move at all.

Having Crush instead of Whirlwind gives you a guaranteed filler move at the cost of your area-of-effect, while choosing Reckless Strike gives you a big hit with a short cooldown, at the cost of taking larger damage your next turn. When putting together a team for the Guardling, being aware of what you want to achieve with said team is very important. Down time between moves could potentially be used to swap a different pet in, or you could limit the inconvenience with a big hit and short cooldown that will only occasionally prevent you from doing anything in any given round.

Whichever way you choose to play it, make sure you get your Guardling while it’s still around!

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