Creature Feature: Unborn Val’kyr

Creature Feature –¬†Unborn Val’kyr

Unborn Val’kyr
Breeds: B/B and H/H
Stats for B/B at level 25: Health: 1562 Power: 292 Speed: 244
Slot 1: Shadow Slash Shadow Shock
Slot 2: Siphon Life Curse of Doom
Slot 3: Haunt Unholy Ascension

The Unborn Val’kyr has been one of the hardest wild pets to obtain. Found in Northrend, its spawn point is limited to three points per zone, and, previously, there was a long delay between one Val’kyr being caught and another spawning, and only one Val’kyr can be up at a time. Combine this with the fact the next Val’kyr could spawn in any of the zones and you have multiple hours of travelling Northrend praying for the slightest sighting.

With patch 7.0.3 this seems to have dramatically changed. Multiple Val’kyr are being found around the spawn points within short spaces of time. If you are one of the unfortunate collectors to yet find your Val’kyr, now is the time to do so.

The Val’kyr gives a wide range of options with what you can do. You can use her to set up a debuff on your opponent to maximise damage if you use Unholy Ascension, or you can use her as a DoT against your opponent while your other pets do more direct damage. Curse of Doom gives you a strong burst of damage, while Siphon Life can keep you going longer.

One of the big things to remember when you do play the Val’kyr is that no matter what you do, Haunt will not hit your opponent if you try to use it on your undead round, whereas if you use Unholy Ascension before the Val’kyr’s undead round, you’re essentially wasting a free round.

One thing to consider for this, though, is if you are participating in P-PvP. If you do have Unholy Ascension, and you’re on your undead round, it is a simple matter for some pets to either dive, block or dodge to avoid the effect. If confronted with a pet with any of these abilities when you’re low on health, it’s a gamble when you use Unholy Ascension.

So with all that in mind, go forth and find your Val’kyr! Set her as a favourite so she can run around in your menageries! After all, when her sister becomes available it will be the absolute cutest to have them playing together.

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