Creature Feature: Minfernal

Creature Feature –┬áMinfernal

Possible Breeds: P/B P/S H/P H/H P/P B/B
Rare Level 25 P/B Stats: Health: 1465 Power: 289 Speed: 273
Slot 1: Crush Immolate
Slot 2: Immolation Extra Plating
Slot 3: Meteor Strike Explode

True to the nature of the abyssal, this little demon can truly wreck a player, and that is just running around trying to find one! Occasionally one will rise from the infernal craters of Felwood; mostly though, finding one of these guys is an exercise in extreme patience. It’s possible to increase your chance of finding one, by logging onto the toon you use to camp this guy right after the weekly reset, for example. It is also possible to server hop and find one, although with the new cross realm technology recently implemented, it remains to be seen how effective this method of farming will continue to be.

When considering what moves to use with this guy, it’s important to remember a few things. Immolation, for example, while it burns your opponent, does not give them the burning debuff. It also does not give the up-front damage of Immolate, although it makes up for that by lasting longer.

Another aspect that introduces some careful thought is the choice in slot three between Meteor Strike and Explosion. Explosion benefits most from the H/H breed, as the greater your maximum health, the more damage it can do. This is useful as a finishing move, as regardless of what your current health is, you’ll still do damage equal to one third of your full health. On the other side of this, Meteor Strike gives you a two-turn magic attack in a similar style as Fly. This enables you to avoid damage, although don’t depend on it to avoid damage from Fly as two air attacks can both hit each other.

The Magic family trait means no single attack can reduce the Minfernal’s health by more than 35%, meaning there is a cap on just how much damage you can take. Be careful of multi-strike attacks, and layered attacks though. The limit is only for each individual attack, so anyone running a team capable of such things as setting up multiple damage over time attacks, or buffing and timing attacks to all hit in one turn, can get around this cap.

With the launch of Legion, everyone is going to be running through the new content. Those of you who aren’t in a rush can use the distraction to try get a better chance at Minfernal, although waiting for weekly reset is very much recommended as that is when you’re most likely to find them spawning.

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