Postcards from Azeroth – Stillpine Hold

Stillpine Hold


Stillpine Hold is the home of the Stillpine furbolg tribe, located in the northern reaches of Azuremyst Isle. Draenei adventurers will eventually encounter them by way of a quest sending them there. It will be possible to speak with them upon completing the quest The Prophecy of Akida, which allows the player to understand their language.

The Stillpine are, unsurprisingly, aligned with the Alliance, and thus will PvP-flag a Horde player if they are attacked. Due to their isolation, they are supposedly one of only two uncorrupted furbolg tribes on Azeroth, the other being the Timbermaw.


Quests for the tribe centre on ridding the hold of the corrupted moonkin within, as well as The Kurken, whose hide must be taken. The Kurken’s appearance is unique (shared only with Omen, the world boss that shows up at the Stormrage Barrow Dens in Moonglade during the Lunar Festival). It is tameable at level 12, but only by hunters specced as Beast Mastery, as it is an Exotic beast, requring the level 10 ability Exotic Beasts.



For a low-level Horde hunter, getting here could be a challenge, requiring roaming through the Alliance-aligned territory of Darkshore, getting over the Veiled Sea to Rut’theran Village at the base of Teldrassil, taking the ship to Velaar’s Berth on Azuremyst Isle, and running up to Stillpine Hold. Although the crew on the ship are hostile, they will not attack unless provoked. The guards must still be avoided, however.



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