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This is probably one of my favorite factions of Warlords.

One reason for that is that as a player you can pursue it with any character.

‘How?’ you may ask. Well, let’s cover the basics first.

The first thing you want to do when pursuing this faction is simply quest in Nagrand (Draenor). Be sure you get the achievement Nagrandeur.

Now that you’ve got that, I recall being somewhere in the Honored range. The next step is to go hunting!

For that, I’d recommend the addon HandyNotes and the plugin “Draenor Treasures“. Frankly, it’s just a good addon to have, especially if you want to rep up with the S.P.S. or still need to achieve flight in Draenor.

With that, your map is going to look something like this.

With this, you can go hunting for any/all of the rare spawn ‘snail shell’ icons. Each of these will drop a repeatable quest item that you can turn in for reputation, such as Xelganak’s Stinger. For some reason, that darn bug is what I most frequently ran across.

Please take note of that tooltip though: Binds to Account. This is why you can get it done through the work of any character. So even as you are leveling alts through Draenor, you can kill these things, take their trophies, and then mail them to your main reputation-earning character.

The same is true for the item you can get out of garrison missions. Didn’t think there was still a reason to do garrison missions in the Legion era eh? The Highmaul Relic is one of them. Speaking of your garrison, Medallion of the Legion is still a reward that can pop up. Sure you could go to Tanaan and hunt for them, but having them simply handed to you to up your reputation (or gold balance) is a nice touch.

The other repeatable items you can turn in are the Gorian artifact fragments but these aren’t bind to account so you’ll need to remember to kill ogres only on your reputation character.

Pet-wise, the reason to go for this faction includes the Forest Sproutling and Albino River Calf. The good news is that both of these are cageable, so if you really don’t want to grind out this reputation, you should be able to get them on the auction house. If you’re out buying them from the reputation vendor, do keep in mind you’re going to need some Apexis Shards, so this is why, if you have one, sending all the Bind-to-Account items to your Draenor main is a good idea.

From here you can either stop, or push to Exalted and get yourself a fancy new Domesticated Razorback for your troubles. An impressive beast indeed.

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