Repping with Leashes – Council of Exarchs

Council of Exarchs

After reviewing the starting faction Horde-side with the Frostwolf Orcs┬áit’s only reasonable to now hop over the faction divide and take a look at the Council of Exarchs.

Welcome, then, to the pristine version of Shadowmoon Valley!

Unlike Horde-side, I was able to hop onto an alt who completed only Shadowmoon Valley, so this gives Horde players out to get their own special Draenei Micro Defender a way to plan accordingly.

Once you’ve finished questing through and are at least level 100 you can venture to Darktide Roost, Socrethar’s Rise or Pillars of Fate to finish off your adventure to Revered and the pet.

Naturally, you do have the option to go for a Medallion of the Legion just like before. At 1000 reputation and the fact you’ll need approximately 3000? Depending on your local server prices, this might be the best option to shore up the difference.

Aside from the pet at Revered, the very serious Vindicator Nuurem will sell you a toy: the Permanent Time Bubble.

If you push to Exalted? He’ll have a Dusty Rockhide waiting for you.

Good luck as you venture into this savage land (or the savage land of the auction house). Soon, the Micro Defender will be yours!

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