Fantastic Pets And Where To Find Them – Cogblade Raptor

Cogblade Raptor

This model of raptor is produced in the Blade’s Edge Mountains. Their robotic roars are a common sound near Toshley’s Station.


Mechanical pets come back to life once per battle, returning to 20% health. Mechanical pets have a +50% bonus strike versus Beast pets, +33% bonus defense versus Magical abilities, a -33% weak strike versus Elemental pets and a -33% weak defense versus Elemental abilities.

Cogblade Raptor
Available Breeds: S/S, S/B, B/B
Slot 1: Bite Batter
Slot 2: Overtune Screech
Slot 3: Exposed Wounds Repair

Colors / Sizes
The Cogblade Raptor only comes in one color and one size.

Special Interactions / Animations

Blade’s Edge Mountains

These pets spawn in the area located between Thunderlord Stronghold and Mok’Nathal Village, around the Death’s Door area. You can even find them in the Toshley’s Station town.

The Cogblade Raptors are only found as primary spawn. They will not spawn secondary to other pets in the zone. They range in levels from 18 to 20 and can be found in Poor, Common, Uncommon and Rare quality.

If you are hunting for a specific breed or quality, be sure to eliminate the previous pet spawns that don’t match your goal. This will allow additional Cogblade Raptors a chance to spawn.

Don’t forget to use a pet with Weakening Blow or Superbark when capturing your pet so that you don’t accidentally kill it. You can find more information on pets with these abilities here.


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