Postcards from Azeroth – To Argus: Auberdine


Auberdine (not to be confused with a large purple vegetable with a similar name) was once the primary settlement in the grim, mist-shrouded area known as Darkshore. It was populated mostly by night elves, although an occasional dwarf or gnome could also be seen. For travellers, it was the first port of call on Kalimdor when coming from Teldrassil. Ships docking at the port would sail off towards Azuremyst Isle, or Stormwind.* Hippogryphs would transport travellers to various points around Kalimdor, as far afield as Theramore to the east, and Feathermoon Isle in the south. As the majority of Darkshore was dark, humid and rather unfriendly, Auberdine stood as a warm, defensible place to gravitate towards.

The tranquility of the village was rent by the coming of Deathwing. The dock was destroyed, as was the village by flooding and quakes shattering the earth beneath. The ruins are now home to upset water elementals, and those people who survived the onslaught fled to a refugee settlement close by. The town of Lor’danel was established a bit to the north and took over the port duties.

* Until Wrath of the Lich King launched, ships would sail between Auberdine and Menethil Harbour in the Wetlands.

Postcard image: Argus gazes critically upon the ruins of Auberdine.


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