Postcards from Azeroth – To Argus: Azsuna


Azsuna was formerly a night elven homeland before it was devastated firstly by the ruling Queen Azshara, and then by the Great Sundering caused by the original Well of Eternity’s destruction. Prince Farondis, the ghost of whom adventurers must help as part of their questing, could see what Azshara’s pact with the Burning Legion was doing and thought destroying the Well would stop the incursion in its tracks. A traitor in his own palace got wind of his plan, and Azshara punished him and his subjects shattering the Tidestone of Golganneth, one of the Pillars of Creation. It was formerly kept in the Nar’thalas Academy, the centre of learning in Azsuna, but when the Queen destroyed it, it caused a massive ley-line explosion which doomed the populace to eternal undeath, unable to seek their final rest.

Adventurers can recover the Tidestone by entering the Eye of Azshara dungeon and defeating the Wrath of Azshara once the main storylines leading up to it have been completed.

Postcard image: Argus casts its baleful eye upon the ruined beauty of Azsuna.


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