Water Walking and the PTR

With the Water Walking debate still in full voice, I thought I would wade into the PTR and check out this new mount equipment myself.

The first thing I did was copy over my main character, who is level 120, is Exalted with the Anglers, and has the Azure Water Strider mount. In his mailbox was a mail from our old friend (or despised enemy) Nat Pagle, with the item ‘Anglers’ Water Striders’ attached.

From: Nat Pagle
Subject: Mastering Water Walking

Hey there Angler!

I have great news for you! After much research here at Angler’s Wharf we have managed to create an item that we can equip on our mounts to enable water walking!

Unfortunately in this research we may have caused irreparable harm to the Water Strider population and they lost their innate ability to walk on water. However, our new Anglers’ Water Striders mount equipment works for them as well.

Since you have such high renowned [sic] with the Anglers I wanted to send you a free set and invite you to visit if you would like to purchase additional ones. Your pal,

Nat Pagle

I equipped the Water Striders, and tested a few mounts. I also copied two other characters, of level 25 and level 106. Here are my tentative conclusions.*

* Since this is on the PTR, and copied characters appear to be completely independent of each other and not shared over a single account. Certain features were unable to be verified.

1) The equipment requires at least a level 100 on the account to unlock it for lower level characters. I was unable to test this.

  • Note: This is a confirmed bug that Blizzard is aware of, as acknowledged by this response.

2) The equipment is applied to all mounts on a character with a single application. Since the Anglers’ Water Striders are Bind-on-Account, I feel that implies players have to buy one set for each character they want water-walking on.

3) The Anglers’ Water Striders are 40 gold from Nat Pagle at Anglers’ Wharf if Exalted with him, or 50 gold if Neutral through Revered.

4) Certain mounts, such as the Armani Battle Bear, are unable to gain a purchase on the water’s surface if mounting in deep water. In this situation, use a mount that can, or move to shallow water or dry land to mount up before running over water.

I do not know the source of other mount equipment1, but the water-walking one seems to be the most important in this watery expansion.

In my opinion, I’m happy to lose the Water Strider’s innate water-walking ability in favour of all mounts being able to use it. This is the kind of thing that one should view with a logical impassivity. Many people like to use different mounts (myself included), and having to change to just one for its one special ability could be seen as a bit annoying. The same could be said about the Sky Golem — I, for one, would like to pick herbs without having to use that mount if I wished to stay mounted.

1Note: According to Judgehype’s article the other mount items are crafted from professions. You can find the article here although you will need google translate.

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