Azeroth Adoption Agency

What Is Azeroth Adoption Agency?

Azeroth Adoption Agency is a community-sponsored companion and battle pet adoption service.  The agency helps fellow pet collectors build their collections by giving them free access to pets they still need.

The original agency was started by Rusti from as a way to help other collectors and reduce her own surplus pets.  Over time more people began donating their spare pets toward her project and what started as a small temporary idea for sharing spare pets turned into a permanent long-term project and community.  The agency is still run by Rusti and has grown to include many wonderful staff members.

Where Are We Located?

Azeroth Adoption Agency is located on the US server of Bladefist on the Horde faction.

What Is Our Target Audience?

Adopters: Azeroth Adoption Agency’s primary target audience is newer pet collectors.  These people have a lot of pets left to collect and will benefit the most from the agency’s stock as a whole.  Seasoned and veteran collectors are still welcome, but they may not benefit from the overall pet stock as much as newer collectors.

Donors: Everyone is welcome as a donor regardless of the state of their collection.  Everyone who wants to help other pet collectors is encouraged to do so.

How Does It Work?

Azeroth Adoption Agency’s stock is directly dependent upon donations.  Donors join the community and contribute pets to the agency.  These pets go into our main stock and are then adopted out to our members.  We have standard adoptions, raffle adoptions, donation drives and events.  Events are always adoption- and donation-oriented.

Who Is Welcome?

Pet collectors!  Any and all pet collectors are welcome to participate in this project.  Please be advised that we do have an expectation of politeness, cooperation and willingness to follow directions and rules from prospective members.  Prospective members are subject to the same rules as our current members.

Azeroth Adoption Agency reserves the right to decline membership requests as we see fit.

Sister Guild

The Azeroth Adoption Agency guild is solely for adopting and donating pets – we have no intention of making it for anything other than this.  This ensures that we can house as many people as possible without spots going to members who would only be part of the guild for non-pet purposes.  That said – we appreciate the desire for community and as such we have a Sister Guild just for our members who also wish to level, PvE, and PvP.  Members who wish to level will have their main character(s) in the Sister Guild and their adoption/donate character in the Agency guild.

Our Website

For information about joining, adopting, donating and more, please visit our website.

You can also find a post about us on


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