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Blizzcon 2019: World of Warcraft – Shadowlands Deep Dive

The World of Warcraft Deep Dive focused on four aspects of the Shadowlands expansion Covenants New levelling flow Classes Torghast and the Maw Covenants You quest through four zones, learn about the four covenants, make a choice of which covenant to join at level 60. Kyrian – Spirit Guides Necrolords – Defenders Night Fae – Shepherds of Cycle of life and death […]

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BlizzCon 2018: Overwatch Summary

BlizzCon 2018 Opening Ceremonies saw the premiere of a new short, Reunion, featuring Jesse McCree and a host of other new interesting characters, including Ashe, B.O.B., and Echo, an interesting omnic/AI appearing character. Following the short, hero 29 was announced: Ashe. Ashe will be a medium to long range DPS hero, and her ultimate is one unlike any other; B.O.B. […]

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BlizzCon 2018: World of Warcraft Q&A

This year’s BlizzCon World of Warcraft Q&A was hosted by Scott Johnson, host of The Instance podcast and recent recipient of a Podcaster Hall of Fame award. Panelists included Alex Afrasiabi (Senior Creative Director), Ion Hazzikostas (Game Director), John Hight (Executive Producer), and Chris Robinson (Senior Art Director). Some questions were submitted by players via the forum here; however, most were […]

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Memories of Teldrassil

Memories of Teldrassil I’ve been avoiding spoilers pretty heavily, so all I really know is what was announced at Blizzcon: Teldrassil burns soon™. Since Battle for Azeroth is still in alpha, this news gave me flashbacks to Cataclysm and all the changes to the world that happened then. My personal assumption is that at the base of Teldrassil we’ll have a member of the […]

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Summer Blog Break

Hello, dear readers! The Azeroth Adoption Agency blog, Reading with Leashes, will be taking a brief break during the summer months of July, August, and into September, to both prepare for, and participate in, the Battle for Azeroth launch. We thank you for your continued patronage! We just wanted to let you know we haven’t gone anywhere; we’re still here, […]

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Happy Anniversary Azeroth Adoption Agency!

How time has flown! It’s time for our 3rd anniversary already! We’ve got some amazing giveaways planned for the entire month of December! Come help us celebrate! The celebration begins on December 1st and continues through December 30th. Drawings for prizes will be the week of January 1st through 6th, 2018. Winner announcements will be on the 8th of January. Our […]

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