Warlods of Draenor: Easily Looted Pets

There are a number – 11 to be exact – of pets that are guaranteed to be obtainable once per character. These are all cageable, and involve either a quick fight, or minimal questing.

Frostfire Ridge
Fruit Hunter Loot the Mysterious Egg at 64.4, 65.9 and the pet will hatch from it in 3 days [YouTube Video].
Doom Bloom Guaranteed drop from the rare Mandrakor, who can be found in a cave (entrance: 49.0, 53.6). Mandrakor has a short respawn time (like 5 minutes), so don’t run away if he isn’t there.
YouTube Video
Crimson Spore One of the ‘lying around’ pets. Loot it from the Strange Spore (57.1,65.5) on one of the red mushrooms in the Crimson Fen [YouTube Video].
Stonegrinder You need to be level 94 to get this pet, then you just need to find Ketya’s Hidaway (53.17,25.73) and loot Ketya’s Stash. See video link to help navigate [YouTube Video].
Teroclaw Hatchling Pick it up from one of the Teroclaw Nest.
Spires of Arak
Hydraling Guaranteed loot – kill Varasha and loot the egg from her nest (cave entrance 31.5, 43.33). Egg does not drop from the NPC – you must loot the nest [YouTube Video].
Brilliant Spore Guaranteed drop from the rare Rotcap. (38.2, 28.0)
Ikky After you’ve completed The Kaliri Whisperer, seek out Ikky’s Egg. Take the quest to help Ikky hatch, then gather some food nearby. He will fly away (oh, no!) but go to Veil Terokk and he will be waiting for you. You may have to have a Tavern or Smuggler’s Den in your Garrison to get the Kaliri Whisperer quest.
Shadowmoon Valley
Umbrafen Spore Another ‘lying around’ pet, but this one is a little harder to get to (esp. for Horde). See links for help [YouTube Video].
Netherspawn, Spawn of Netherspawn Guaranteed drop from Rare Netherspawn. (47.6, 70.7)
Meadowstomper Calf Quest reward for New Babies – Start with Tastes Like Chicken, picked up at the Ring of Trials (from Digrem Orebar) – three fairly easy quests (depending on level).