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The Joining To Adoption Process

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The Joining To Adoption Process

Post by Wakamaru » July 15th, 2015, 12:28 am


The majority of communication and organization takes place on this forum to ensure there are no complications between time zones and also to ensure that our team members aren’t being constantly slammed in game by members & potential members. This is non-negotiable and if you prefer not to or refuse to use forums for communication then we will be unable to assist you. That said if you don’t mind using forums but need a bit of help adjusting or learning them we are always willing to help.

What to expect?
1. Register on the forum
2. Request membership
3. Read the rules and important information
4. Apply for Golden Membership

Please Be Advised
➞ You must have a valid WarcraftPets.com profile with your collection imported in order to be allowed to adopt pets.
➞ The character listed on your WCPets profile must be level 10+!
➞ Your profiles MUST BE KEPT UP TO DATE. Out of date profiles will result in denied requests.

What is Golden Membership?
Golden Membership is a group/rank awarded to members who have read through the rules and important information provided to them and then notified us through the simple read & respond task. Unlocking this rank gives you access to adoptions, events, contests, and the rest of the forum.
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Adoption Forum Management
Adoptions: Inventory
Community Manager/Leader
Event Creation/Management
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