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Shadowlands Covenant Pets quick guide

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Shadowlands Covenant Pets quick guide

Post by Anks » February 23rd, 2021, 11:29 am

Well not as complete as I would like, I thought I would post my notes on covenant pets and what you need to get them, to have at least someplace to start.

Abomination Factory Tier 2
Backbone: Crafted 750 anima, 5 malleable flesh, 1 pallid bone

Abomination Factory Tier 4
Mu’dud: Crafted 1250 anima, 10 malleable flesh, 5 superior parts

Jiggles: Renown Level 27 (locked to necrolords, 1500 anima, 30 grateful offering)

Shared pets
Bought for 1000 anima from Atticus (need to craft him) at honored with stichmasters

Dredge Butler: Ember court tier 2 (1 from non repeatable quest)

Battie: revered with the Ember court (250 charm)

Char: from Ember court,
Need to raise Sika to good friends
After an Ember court where Silka ended the scenario as very happy or elated you will earn anima infused water
Then choose the "Traditional" decorations for ember court.
During the ember court scenario wait for Stonehead's to emote "Ut oh. Candles start fires."
Then use the anima water buckets you find to put the fires out.
Then hope Ashen Amalgamation spawns from one of the fires you put out. The rare will drop the pet.
Note: Sika is not needed in the Ember court to spawn the rare just to get the water buckets the one time to add them to the Ember court.

Stony: Tier 3 mirror conduit network,
Received from a chance drop from opening chests found by fixing and entering broken mirrors in Revendreth
Broken Mirror locations, 3 mirrors available every day. They may switch weekly or randomly during the week:
Group 1:
29.49, 37.26 Mirror, Room with Cooking Pot
27.15, 21.63 Mirror, Room with Elite Spider
40.41, 73.34 Mirror, Inside House with Sleeping mob
Group 2:
39.09, 52.18 Mirror, Room on Ground Floor
58.80, 67.80 Mirror, Inside House with Stonevigil
70.97, 43.63 Mirror, Room with Disciples
Group 3:
72.60, 43.65 Mirror, Inside Crypt with Disciples
40.30, 77.16 Mirror, Inside House with Wildlife
77.17, 65.43 Mirror, Inside House with several Elite Mobs
Group 4:
29.60, 25.89 Mirror, Room with Elite Soulbinder
20.75, 54.26 Mirror, Inside Villa at Entrance
55.12, 35.67 Mirror, Inside Crypt with Nobles

Sinheart: Renown Level 27 (locked to Ventyr, 1500 anima, 30 grateful offering)

Shared Pets from Ember Court?

Night Fae
Transport tier 1 and Marasumius rep friendly
Fun Guss: (250 charm)
Fuzzy Shimmermoth: (250 charm)
Sir Regiald: (250 charm)

Anima conductor tier 1 (Vendor: master clerk salorn)
Gloober as G’huun: (250 charm)(can be unlocked by other covenants)
Leafadore: (250 charm)

Anima conductor tier 1, Friendly with court of night
Stemmins: (250 charms, 5 grateful offering)
Willowbreeze: (250 charm, 5 grateful offerings) (friendly with court of night, can be gotten by other covenants but easier for night fae)

Trootie: Renown level 27 (locked to Night fae, 1500 anima, 30 grateful offering)

Shared pets from
Queen's Conservatory Sanctum Upgrade tier 2
Seems to need wild seeds where you can channel at least 2 Wildseed Root Grain catalysts.
Untamed Spirit pearlwing Heron, Dusty Sporeflutterer
Martial spirit – Corpulent Bonetusk, Plaguelouse Larva
Dutiful Spirit – Sable, Brightscale Hatchling
Prideful Spirit- Violet Dredwing Pup, Bloodfeaster Spiderling

Lost Featherling: Drop from Assuming Scholar, Ardent Warrior

Path of Ascension tier 2:
Steward Featherling: Charm 250 (Achievement, Inside the Park Home Run, needed)
Path of Ascension tier 3:
Indigo: 1000 anima (Defeat Alderyn and Myn'ir in the trial of wisdom)

Tier 3 anima conductor:
Larion Pouncer: Drop from rare Larionrider Orstus

Grubby: (1 from non repeatable covenant questline)

Ruffle: Renown level 27 (locked to Kyrian, 1500 anima, 30 grateful offering)

Shared Pets
From Path of Ascension achievements and 250 charms

8 shared pets that all covenants have access available to
Pearlwing Heron, Dusty Sporeflutterer, Corpulent Bonetusk, Plaguelouse Larva, Sable, Brightscale Hatchling, Violet Dredwing Pup, Bloodfeaster Spiderling

Renown level 27 pets can not be traded

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Re: Shadowlands Covenant Pets quick guide

Post by Anks » March 22nd, 2021, 10:52 am

just a small update mainly with how to get Char and Stony for Ventyr. Still not sure on how to target any of the other shared pets for them.

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