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Newsletter 11 Jan: Anniversary Winners and a Week Off

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Newsletter 11 Jan: Anniversary Winners and a Week Off

Post by piwakawaka » January 13th, 2021, 3:52 am

January 2021
Year 7, Issue 2

Hello, Readers.

A3 Adoptions will be closed for this week. We will be using this time to make sure the anniversary prizes are sent out to our winners in a timely manner. Our winners list can be found below, so please be sure to check your in-game mail. Some people will recieve direct messages on the forum if they need to do anything to claim their prize.



Claiming Prizes
Prizes will be mailed to your A3 character on the Bladefist-Horde server. You will have 30 days to claim your goodies. If you fail to pick up your prize(s) after 30 days you forfeit it back to A3 to use for a future purpose. There are no exceptions to this.

Some members have also now received private messages about how to claim their codes or off-server prizes. You have 30 days to reply to and claim these as well.

As of this time ALL items have been mailed on Bladefist. If you think you are missing something, contact WAKAMARU directly either through Private Message or Discord DM. Do not post in a general channel as the information may get lost. There were nearly 700 items this year, so surely a few things are missing

Hurt or Heal

Helpful Elf
Gifted 57 Pets!

A thru C
Aqir Hivespawn - @Babybug, @FlameFlash, @Gazzien, @Jedikitten, @Lunula, @Nekuder, @Pencilmon, @Tinibree
Aqua Strider - @bingsama, @Gazzien, @Lunula
Ashleaf Spriteling - @Shawnyve
Azure Whelpling - @Babybug
Barnaby - @Beia15
Barnacled Hermit Crab - @Angryelf
Beakbert - @Dassem
Black Tabby Cat - @kindestcut
Blackfuse Bombling - @Paww, @pontiacgtp
Bloated Bloodfeaster - @caddox
Bonebiter - @FlameFlash
Bonkers - @Lunula
Bronze Proto - Whelp - @bingsama, @Nekuder
Bronze Whelpling - @kindestcut
Captain Nibs - @Gazzien, @Jedikitten,
Chitterspine Devourer - @FlameFlash, @Gazzien, @heikkila, @Jedikitten, @kindestcut, @Lunula
Chitterspine Needler - @Angryelf, @Babybug, @Paulied213, @Sylunae
Coldlight Surfrunner - @Angryelf, @Babybug, @Jedikitten, @Lunula, @Nekuder, @Pencilmon, @Shawnyve
Corgnelius - @Babybug, @Lunula, @Pencilmon
Corrupted Nest Guardian - @bingsama, @Paww, @Sylunae
Crimson Skipper - @Piwakawaka

D thru F
Dark Whelpling - @Nekuder
Darkshore Sentinel - @FlameFlash, @Jedikitten
Dart - @Babybug, @Beia15, @kindestcut, @Lunula
Dasher - @Babybug, @Lunula, @Pencilmon
Death Adder Hatchling - @Gazzien
Detective Ray - @Babybug, @Gazzien
Deviate Hatchling - @kindestcut
Disgusting Oozeling - @caddox
Droplet of Y'Shaarj - @Tinibree
Drowned Hatchling - @Angryelf, @heikkila, @Lunula, @Nexie, @shawnyve
Empowered Manafiend - @Angryelf, @caddox, @FlameFlash, @kindestcut, @Nekuder
Empyreal Manafiend - @Angryelf, @Babybug, @bingsama, @Lunula, @Nekuder, @Pencilmon
Energized Manafiend - @caddox, @FlameFlash, @kindestcut, @Pencilmon, @Babybug
Extinguished Eye - @Babybug, @Pencilmon
Eye of Corruption - @Babybug, @FlameFlash, @Jedikitten, @Lunula, @Pencilmon, @shawnyve
Feathers - @Tinibree,
Firebat Pup - @Babybug, @Lunula, @Pencilmon
Firefly - @Giamiabia, @Jedikitten
Fox Kit - @bingsama, @Paww
Froglet - @Dassem, @Gazzien

G thru L
Gahz'rooki - @Babybug, @bingsama, @caddox, @Gazzien, @kindestcut, @Pencilmon
Gearspring Hopper - @Tinibree
Gloop - @FlameFlash, @Jedikitten, @Paulied213, @Piwakawaka, @shawnyve, @Sylunae
Golden Cloudfeather - @Babybug, @bingsama, @kindestcut, @Lunula, @Pencilmon
Gooey Sha - ling - @FlameFlash
Grasping Manifestation - @Lunula, @Pencilmon
Grinder - @FlameFlash, @Gazzien, @Lunula
Gu'chi Swarmling - @Nekuder
Gulp Froglet - @Sylunae
Hatespark the Tiny - @Giamiabia
Hydraling - @Lunula
Inky - @Babybug, @FlameFlash, @Nexie, @Pencilmon
Jade Crane Chick - @Babybug, @kindestcut, @Pencilmon
Jade Defender - @Beia15, @geekette1124
Jademist Dancer - @Tinibree
Juvenile Brineshell - @heikkila
Kovok - @Paww, @pontiacgtp
Leatherwing Screecher - @Babybug, @FlameFlash, @Jedikitten, @Pencilmon
Leyline Broodling - @Angryelf, @Babybug, @Pencilmon
Lightless Ambusher - @Tinibree
Lost Robogrip - @Babybug, @Jedikitten, @Pencilmon

M thru R
Microbot X D - @Jedikitten
Mindlost Bloodfrenzy - @Babybug, @FlameFlash, @Gazzien, @Pencilmon, @Tinibree
Moon Moon - @bingsama
Murgle - @heikkila
Nameless Octopode - @caddox, @Kastriia
Nightmare Whelpling - @Giamiabia
Octopode Fry - @Babybug, @FlameFlash, @Gazzien, @Jedikitten, @Pencilmon
Ominous Flame - @kindestcut, @Lunula
Orphaned Felbat - @Angryelf, @Beia15, @kindestcut, @Paww
Pearlescent Glimmershell - @Angryelf, @Babybug, @Gazzien, @Paww, @Pencilmon, @shawnyve
Plagueborn Slime - @Babybug, @FlameFlash, @Pencilmon
Poro - @Babybug, @FlameFlash, @kindestcut, @Lunula, @Pencilmon
Pygmy Camel - @Piwakawaka
Pygmy Direhorn - @bingsama, @Nekuder
Ra'kim - @caddox, @Gazzien, @Jedikitten, @kindestcut, @Lunula, @Nekuder, @Tinibree
Razzashi Hatchling - @shawnyve
Rebuilt Mechanical Spider - @Sylunae
Ruby Droplet - @Paulied213
Rustberg Gull - @Paww

S thru Z
Sandclaw Nestseeker - @Wakamaru
Saurolisk Hatchling - @Jedikitten
Savage Cub - @Dassem, @Gazzien
Scaley - @bingsama, @Pencilmon
Scuttle - @Babybug, @Jedikitten, @kindestcut
Sentinel's Companion - @kindestcut, @Lunula
Servant of Demidos - @Nekuder
Shimmerbough Hoarder - @Babybug, @bingsama, @caddox, @FlameFlash, @Gazzien, @heikkila, @Piwakawaka
Shore Crawler - @caddox, @shawnyve
Slimy Darkhunter - @Babybug, @FlameFlash, @Gazzien, @heikkila, @Jedikitten, @shawnyve, @Tinibree
Slimy Eel - @bingsama, @FlameFlash, @Nekuder
Slimy Fangtooth - @Angryelf, @caddox, @FlameFlash, @heikkila, @Jedikitten, @kindestcut, @Pencilmon, @Sylunae
Slimy Hermit Crab - @Angryelf, @Babybug, @FlameFlash, @Gazzien, @kindestcut, @shawnyve
Slimy Octopode - @Lunula
Slimy Otter - @heikkila, @Tinibree
Slimy Sea Slug - @Angryelf, @Gazzien, @Jedikitten, @kindestcut, @Nekuder, @shawnyve, @Tinibree
Slippy - @bingsama, @Dassem, @Paulied213
Snobold Runt - @Babybug, @caddox, @Paww, @Pencilmon
Snowsoft Nibbler - @Paulied213
Son of Animus - @Jedikitten
Sparkleshell Sandcrawler - @Angryelf, @Babybug
Spawn of Nalaada - @heikkila
Spectral Porcupette - @Lunula
Stormwrath - @FlameFlash, @heikkila
Sunblade Micro - Defender - @Pencilmon
Sunreaver Micro - Sentry - @bingsama, @Lunula
Sunsoaked Flitter - @Nekuder, @Paww, @Sylunae
Tanzil - @Babybug, @Gazzien, @Jill, @kindestcut, @Lunula, @Sylunae
Taptaf - @Jedikitten
Tinder Pup - @Beia15, @FlameFlash, @Gazzien
Tiny Shale Spider - @bingsama, @kindestcut
Tonguelasher - @FlameFlash, @Tinibree
Trecker - @Babybug, @Lunula, @Pencilmon
Trigger - @Babybug, @Nekuder, @Pencilmon
Viscous Horror - @caddox, @Jedikitten, @kindestcut
Void Jelly - @FlameFlash
Zanj'ir Poker - @Nekuder, @Sylunae
Zomstrok - @bingsama, @Lunula

Baby Crawg - @King_Wataba, @Paulied213
Chuck - @Lunula, @Babybug
Clockwork Gnome - @Lunula
Crazy Carrot - @Pencilmon
Elementium Geode - @bingsama, @FlameFlash
Enchanted Cauldron - @Babybug, @kindestcut, @Lunula, @Nekuder, @Pencilmon
Enchanted Pen - @Babybug
Enchanted Torch - @heikkila, @kindestcut, @Nekuder
Giant Sewer Rat - @Babybug, @Gazzien, @Lunula, @Paww, @Pencilmon
Land Shark - @geekette1124, @Kastriia
Lil' Leftovers - @caddox, @Dassem
Muckbreath - @Babybug, @Lunula, @Pencilmon
Ore Eater - @kindestcut, @Pencilmon
Pierre - @bingsama, @Paww
Rascal - Bot - @caddox, @Nekuder
Snarly - @Babybug, @Lunula, @Pencilmon
Sting Ray Pup - @Nekuder
Tiny Green Carp - @Gazzien, @Paww
Toothy - @Babybug, @Lunula, @Pencilmon, @shawnyve
Transmutant - @Babybug, @FlameFlash, @kindestcut, @Lunula, @Nekuder, @Pencilmon
Utility Mechanoclaw - @Beia15, @bingsama, @caddox, @Gazzien, @Nekuder, @Paww, @Sylunae
Wyrmy Tunkins - @shawnyve

Pet Battles
Albino Buzzard - @bingsama, @heikkila, @Lunula, @Paulied213, @Sylunae
Cavern Moccasin - @Nekuder, @Sylunae
Darkmoon Eye - @Babybug, @Lunula, @Pencilmon
Fel Piglet - @Babybug, @heikkila, @Pencilmon
Mountain Panda - @Babybug, @kindestcut, @Lunula, @Pencilmon
Nightmare Bell - @bingsama, @caddox, @FlameFlash, @Gazzien, @Nekuder
Periwinkle Calf - @Angryelf, @Babybug, @bingsama
Porcupette - @Giamiabia
River Calf - @Babybug, @Lunula, @Pencilmon
Snowy Panda - @kindestcut, @Lunula, @Pencilmon
Sunfur Panda - @kindestcut,
Young Venomfang - @Angryelf, @Babybug, @heikkila, @kindestcut, @Lunula
Zangar Spore - @Babybug, @Lunula, @Pencilmon

Autumnal Sproutling - @Babybug
Forest Sproutling - @Babybug, @kindestcut, @Lunula, @Pencilmon
Nightshade Sproutling - @bingsama, @caddox, @FlameFlash
Sun Sproutling - @Babybug, @Pencilmon

Argent Tournament
Ammen Vale Lashling - @bingsama, @shawnyve
Dun Morogh Cub - @kindestcut, @Nekuder
Durotar Scorpion - @Babybug, @Sylunae
Elwynn Lamb - @Nekuder, @shawnyve
Enchanted Broom - @Babybug, @Sylunae
Mechanopeep - @bingsama, @caddox
Mulgore Hatchling - @caddox, @Paww
Sen'jin Fetish - @Lunula, @Pencilmon
Shimmering Wyrmling - @Lunula, @Pencilmon
Teldrassil Sproutling - @Paww, @kindestcut
Tirisfal Batling - @kindestcut, @Nekuder

Garn Nighthowl - @kindestcut, @Sylunae
Subdued Seahorse - @heikkila, @Jedikitten
Steelbound Devourer - @Piwakawaka
Swift Springstrider - @Giamiabia, @heikkila
Xiwyllag ATV@Ssparkles

Autographed Hearthstone Card - @Kindestcut
Blingtron's Circuit Design Tutorial - @Angryelf, @heikkila
Burning Blade - @Giamiabia
Chatterstone - @Paww, @Giamiabia
Crashin' Thrashin' Cannon Controller - @Nekuder
Crashin' Thrashin' Mortar Controller - @Kastriia
Crashin' Thrashin' Robot - @flameflash, @Sylunae
Crashin' Thrashin' Roller Controller - @caddox
Findle's Loot - A - Rang - @Paww
Indestructible Bone - @Sylunae
JewelCraft - @Tinibree, @Babybug
Leather Love Seat - @Gazzien
Leather Pet Bed - @Lunula
Leather Pet Leash - @Lunula
Moonfang Shroud - @caddox, @Kindestcut
Moonfang's Paw - @Lunula, @Kindestcut
Orb of Deception - @Tinibree
Personal Hologram - @Paulied213, @Paww
Pineapple Lounge Cushion - @Giamiabia
Sack of Spectral Spiders - @Kindestcut
Safari Lounge Cushion - @Giamiabia
Steamy Romance Novel Kit - @Pencilmon, @Pontiacgtp, @flameflash
Tournament Favor - @Nekuder
World Shrinker - @Nekuder
Zhevra Lounge Cushion - @Giamiabia
World Enlarger - @Kastriia, @heikkila
Snowmaster 9000 - @Sylunae, @Kindestcut, @Giamiabia

Bananas - @Beia15
Cinder Kitten - @Lunula
Gregarious Grell - @Tinibree
Gusting Grimoire - @shawnyve
Landro's Lichling - @Paww
Landro's Lil' XT - @Gazzien
Nightsaber Cub - @King_Wataba
Paint Bomb - @SammyJoe
Papa Hummel's Old - Fashioned Pet Biscuit - @Ssparkles
Party G.R.E.N.A.D.E. - @Ssparkles
Path of Cenarius - @Ssparkles
Purple Puffer - @Angryelf
Sandbox Tiger - @Flameflash

Polished Pet Charms (x100) - @Wakamaru, @Ssparkles, @pontiacgtp, @SammyJoe, @Jedikitten
Raiding With Leashes VI: Pets of Pandaria (set) - @Gazzien, @MageKirsten
Touch of the Void (heirloom) - @Anks, @SammyJoe
2000g Shopping Spree - @Wakamaru, @Ssparkles, @MageKirsten
5000g Shopping Spree - @Kastriia, @pontiacgtp
10000g Shopping Spree - @Ssparkles
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Re: Newsletter 11 Jan: Anniversary Winners and a Week Off

Post by Ssparkles » January 13th, 2021, 5:18 am

Congratulations to all the winners

And a big thank you to everyone who helped make this anniversary happen
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